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Before the chapter 12, Haru’s situation suited with the lyrics from ”Dazzling Smile” (Persona 4 The Golden Animation ED). -Yeah, I would love see a MAD where is Haruka in the same scenes of Marie-chan instead-. 

Now… Another song I need to search for Haruka and my roleplay. 

However… I don’t know, but when he fell down in his own feelings and thoughts about be free I imagined it suited with ”Pursuing my True Self” (Persona 4 OP -Videogame). So.. It means Persona 4 suited Haruka Nanase’s situations in a few chapters or I’m flashing so badly thanks to my roleplay lately?!

I’ll be happy if someday I see more fanarts UtaFree! crossover where Tokiya and Rin meet and Haruka gets into Fanboy mode for Tokki x’D

Actually… That’s my facebook roleplay situation of my Haruka. LOL.

Maybe I should take a nap or stays in the bed, taking adventage of the sensual bed’s powers (?). -3- 

Ah~ I’m back. I’ve been working from Monday to Friday since more than two weeks, but well.. I cannot take Winter Holidays because my boss didn’t take them T^T … 

Plus I had fix my situation with my girlfriend. I miss her a lot <3 

From now, just I can sleep, play with my PSP and Roleplay on Facebook. I hope everyone here was doing very well :3 Chuu~ <3

Recently I’ve finished Initial D Final Stage and all my ovaries are like this now:


Initial D YOU’RE THE BEST ANIMANGA ABOUT CARS, TECHNIQUE AND STREET RACES! Shuichi Shigeno, Universe bless you for your GREAT manga and anime! <3 <3

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Still I don’t understand why the game didn’t save the Finals…. I’ve playing a little bit more for it and after…. ;-; … Fuck PSP which don’t save me the Finals in Mortal Kombat Unchained LOL. 

Yeah, althought Lime is a girl more for books also she brought a PSP as her present birthday of herself LOL. 

 I’m in the mood of get a girlfriend but I’m a disaster in those stuff really ^^” … 

Sorry for the ecchi spam. Apparently I want to see female underwear lol. 

(Si, I regret nothing pero con amorsh del bueno :v ). #Cuak lol. 

becominginaprince: La foto de tú icon *v* sdajsdjasjdjasjdjsjsdjsdjjsdjajsdjdjdjjd♥


soy hermosa lo se xDDD

sdjadjdjsadjsdjjdjdjdj Lo sos xD ♥

Now I can’t decide what I like more: ”Preserved Roses” or ”Kakumei Dualism” -w- 

Both are great songs really. ♥