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Jealous Rin (◕‿◕✿)

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[1080p] ~ Kira & Athrun ~ Gundam SEED HD Remaster.


Athrun, if you don’t notice Kira gave you a INDIRECT TOO DIRECT ‘love confession’ here, then you’re screw up as his precious ‘friend’ ;3 

When your OTP is too kanon (?). LOL.

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We all know Rin is a huge siscon!

Bonus (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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M a t s u o k a c e s t  _(:3」∠)_



Kirishima Shizuku and Shitogi Eris Drama CD - Our Campus Life Together - Track 09 - Wedding Proposal

Shizuku: My parents are going to be home today too.
Eris: Oh, is that so?
Shizuku: Yes! Today is one of those rare days where they go home together.
Eris: I see~ I guess I'll go and say hi then~
Shizuku: Please do, I'm sure they'll be happy to see you too. Are you still mailing them with your cellphone?
Eris: Of course~ I usually text with your Papa, you know?
Shizuku: I'm curious. Um, what kind of conversation do you have?
Eris: That is~~ a SECRET, Shizuku.
Shizuku: I'm curious.
Eris: Is it okay if I get some more tea and sweets before they arrive?
Shizuku: I'm really curious.
Eris: Shizuku?
Shizuku: Ah ye- yes! Tea, right? I'll pour you some now.
<Shizuku: After a while, my parents got home. Eris greets them however...>
Shizuku: Geez! Eris! I can't believe you!
Eris: What is it again, Shizuku? I was just greeting them.
Shizuku: Just because! I didn't even know you'd say something like that!
Eris: Was it a bother? Does it trouble you?
Shizuku: I do not mean that! You could just easily do that was unfair, Eris!
Eris: Don't be too angry now, Shizuku. Look your cheeks are all blown up, that's so cute~
Shizuku: It's not cute! It's because I'm angry! :T How could I expect you to just-- suddenly that...
Eris: Just telling your parents, "Please let me have your daughter!" Is that why you're so angry?
Shizuku: OF COURSE! Even our housemaids are so shocked their eyes were in big circles!
Eris: But didn't they say the Okay, already? Then everything is alright~
Shizuku: B- but! *sigh* My heart wasn't prepared! It was too sudden!
Eris: That was my intention but... I wonder if I just caused trouble... I'm sorry, Shizuku.
Shizuku: It's not trouble... I was .... I'm happy. I've decided that I'm happy! *hugs*
Eris: Kyaaa-! Shizuku, suddenly hugging me, it's been so long~~
Shizuku: It's because... I'm... I'm just really happy...
Eris: So you were this happy~ So, why were you angry?
Shizuku: It's because... It's because you didn't even consult me, and just suddenly went ahead and said something like that... If you consulted me before hand then--
Eris: Well isn't that fine, really? It's called a surprise proposal~
Shizuku: Geez, Eris...
<You may download the Drama CD from here: http://listlessink.wordpress.com/sono-hanabira-ni-kuchizuke-wo-series/>


A new Eris x Shizuku game?! Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata ni Chikau Ai (その花びらにくちづけを あなたに誓う愛). 

Published by Fuguriya. Download version will be available May 23rd, while hard copies will be released on the 31st.


I just really needed some fluffy ringou~ *^* 
Can’t wait to see the precious angelfaces again this summer aaaaahhhh


Finished this thing. Sorry for the delay hash~

It was fun to color. Muscles were hard to color.



Still difficult to draw this week (and the next) since exams, job hunting, and other stuff keeping me busy. But~ I’ll still try to find time to draw. Look forward to my next thingy~ :D


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